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Aquilent’s years of Agile, Cloud, tools, and automation experience, coupled with our deep knowledge of government processes and challenges, makes us uniquely qualified to provide solutions using DevOps and Agile methodologies to a broad range of federal agencies. Our holistic and collaborative approach enables our customers to deliver services that are at the leading edge of technology innovation.

Redefining How Government Works

Tight budgets, quick turnarounds, and increased service expectations challenge federal agencies like never before—yet many are forced to work with software models built for the late 20th century. DevOps empowers agencies to become more agile, efficient, and innovative to meet the demands of government today. In fact, the current federal Cloud First and Digital Government landscape, along with the U.S. Digital Services Playbook, makes employing a DevOps operating model a necessity.

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology that eliminates the traditional barriers between development and operations (adding security to the mix creates DevOpsSec). Built on Agile as well as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD), it requires close collaboration across all teams, reducing errors, increasing efficiencies, raising quality, and saving money. While this integrated approach promotes consistency and reliability, it also allows teams to continuously deliver new and improved functionality to end-users rapidly and smoothly.

Automate and Treat Everything as Code

Automation of the build, test, and deployment processes—plus treating infrastructure (and ideally security) as code—are key attributes of DevOps. It all starts with Agile development and CI/CD, with processes and tools that allow for faster, continuous, and more effective development and testing. Potential problems are identified and resolved quickly, resulting in well-tested, higher-quality applications and features that are delivered to constituents faster.

Aquilent’s expertise in DevOps/DevOpsSec, including Agile, Cloud, and CI/CD, helps federal agencies rapidly develop, test, and deploy new technologies to meet the continuously changing demands of constituents.

Helping You Implement DevOps the Right Way

The success of DevOps lies in its execution. Aquilent’s approach ensures continuous and close collaboration between teams (development, operations, and security). Everything—strategy, tool selection, automation, feedback, security, QA—is a joint exercise. As a result, critical information is shared rapidly, reviews are faster, and decisions are made more quickly, improving an agency’s ability to achieve its mission.

Aquilent’s DevOps solution includes:

  • DevOps tools selection and management
  • Project management services
  • Creative and data strategies
  • Agile development
  • Infrastructure development and administration
  • Cloud architecture, deployment, and administration
  • Build automation
  • UX design and development
  • Unit and system test automation
  • Performance and scalability test automation
  • Security and network scanning automation
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • Continuous delivery and deployment (CD)
  • Cross-team quality assurance testing and reporting
  • Metrics collection and analysis

Federal agencies not only benefit from the greater speed and cost savings provided by our Agile, CI/CD DevOps approach, but also gain greater visibility into the entire delivery pipeline in order to further increase efficiencies and reduce errors.

Taking on the challenges of DevOps for government.

Can Development and Operations work together in the siloed world of federal government? How do you automate and streamline your processes while ensuring security? Aquilent helps you address these DevOps challenges—plus many more—that today’s federal agencies face as they prepare for tomorrow’s government.

Are you ready for DevOps?

Just because everyone else is getting DevOps solutions, are they right for you?

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