How should you manage your

Managing your cloud environment the right
way saves time, money, and headaches.

Have you recently moved—or are you planning to move—from a legacy or virtualized hosting environment to the Cloud? If so, the success of your Cloud environment and the potential for significant savings are dependent on more than just your Cloud provider.

With savings being offered of up to 90%, your agency will likely be tempted to move from your legacy environment to the Cloud’s “pay-as-you-go” model. But the bills you receive for your new Cloud platform might shock you, particularly because your previous legacy system probably didn’t provide visibility into all the components you were previously paying for. This breakdown of costs for each service can be eye opening—and the truth is that the investment you make to move into the Cloud is more than one of money, it also requires an investment of time to develop a smart strategy on how to manage your new Cloud environment.

Some of the pitfalls an agency encounters when moving to the Cloud without a proper plan for managing it include:

  • Choosing to hire someone from your legacy system to manage your new Cloud. Since it’s likely that they have little or no experience with Cloud computing, you’re better off hiring experts who know how to manage your target Cloud environment (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.). Most important, they should be federal experts who understand everything from how you procure and what your security needs are to how to re-architect your application in the Cloud.
  • Choosing to hire your own people to manage your Cloud environment, which is incredibly expensive. Why pay for a fixed set of resources to manage your variable hosting environment? Your management costs can dwarf your Cloud hosting costs – sometimes by up to 100%.

So what do you do?

To start, bring in a partner who can be your federal Cloud expert to advise you on all the federal security regulations, Cloud partners, and procurement vehicles you need to make your Cloud environment a success.

In order maximize your savings from the Cloud, you want a partner who offers managed services in the same “pay-as-you-go” model as the Cloud, so they can scale up and down with your environment.

When you buy managed services as a service, or IT-as-a-Service, you only pay for the management you need at the service level you need. This means your actual cost for managed services—even at peak usage—is considerably lower.

So in summary, to maximize your Cloud environment, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget about managed services. Find the right partner who knows federal Cloud–and specifically your Cloud.
  • Don’t get sticker shock. Take advantage of scalable, far less costly managed service models that mirror the Cloud’s “pay-as-you-go” model.

As a leader in the federal Cloud environment, Aquilent is excited to offer Cloud management as part of our full suite of Cloud service offerings.

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